What are the essential foods to eat after running

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What are the essential foods to eat after running

After running, one needs essential nutrients required by the body. Running is an effective exercise to lose weight and keep the body toned up. The need of the body also depends upon the targets you are hitting. If you want to lose weight, you need a different diet, if you want to tone up your body, your diet will again be different. However, the need of the body also depends up the intensity of the workout. It is obvious that after your running sessions, you won’t be eating something that will add up, what you lose. You will try to enrich your body with proper minerals and vitamins. You need to eat something healthy that will compensate for your loss of salt and minerals in the body. (Also read: Different types of protein shakes to build strong muscles)

What does the body need after running?

After an effective running, the body needs sufficient amount carbohydrates, proteins, fluids and electrolytes etc. to recover the loss of what the body lost. So, while we return from running, the body needs carbohydrates to recover the loss of energy from the body. A sufficient amount of glucose is required by the body to produce energy. Besides this protein is too required by the body to keep the muscles and the bones strong and healthy. However, a necessary amount of fluids is also required by the body to recover from the loss of sweat.

What food should you eat after running?

Low-fat yoghurt: Yoghurt provides the necessary protein to the body. Being low in fat-content, it is essential for the body. A protein rich diet like a granola bar, oats etc. can help to nourish the body with sufficient nutrients. They provide the necessary energy to the body and also improves bowel movement. (Also read: Why one should avoid drinking water after certain activities)

Chocolate milk: It tastes great and also blesses the body with necessary nutrients. Take a low-fat chocolate bar and low-fat milk and make a shake of it. It is highly suggested by the gym instructors to provide energy to the body.

Fruits: Fruits are one of the safest options to snack with. They are rich in fibres and nutrients. Oranges, bananas, apples etc. are necessary fruits to chunk into after you return from running. They are antioxidants and help to fight the damages caused in the body.

Chicken or turkey: Our body needs proteins, especially lean protein after the effective running session. Do not eat chicken and turkey with too many spices. Keep the recipe simple and try to cook the food in olive oil. Roast it instead of deep frying the same. (Also read: What is the Best Time to Exercise)

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