What Are The Easy Eye Exercises To improve Eyesight

easy eye exercises to improve eyesight

Eyes weakness have become a common problem for many people nowadays. There is two type weakness in eyes, near vision defects known as myopia and defect in longer vison hyperopia. There are many many reasons behind this lack of nutrition, eating not good food or it may be genetic. The blurred vision of the eyes and frequent headache are some common symptoms of eye weakness. You can strengthen eyes with exercise and improve eyesight.

Let’s know what you can do to improve your eyesight.

Exercise with the help of pencil

Pencils can be used for meditation. Hold a pencil straight in hand and focus your attention on it. Keep it with the eyes from the distance of one hand and slowly bring it close to your eyes first and then take it away. During this process, focus on the pencil. Repeat this process for 10 times.

Rotate eyes

During this exercise, you blink your eyelids again and again. After this, rotate the eyes clock-wise and anti-clockwise. Rotate the eyes 5-5 times from both sides.


Focus on any object kept at some distance from yourself. Anything that can be done, you can also focus on the moon. Make this process daily for 3-4 minutes daily and gradually increase its time for good results.

Suning and Palming

Suning and Palming are very beneficial for the eyes. These actions help to make eye lens and muscles reactive and flexible.

  • To practice Suning exercise, close your eyes and sit in the sun and let the sunlight come directly into the eyes. Practice it every day for a while.
  • Rubbing your palms to pampering and making them warm and then stop these palms without emphasizing the eyes. Cover your eyes completely with palms so that the sunlight cannot penetrate into it. You can repeat it several times a day.

Blinking the eyelids

Keeping the focus on one place put pressure on your eyes, so while doing work, blink lashes in between. Which does not put pressure on your eyes and gives them a chance to relax.

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