What are the best HIIT workouts for stronger arms

hiit workout for stronger arms

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is very effective to develop overall strength. The majority of people are unaware that they practice HIIT training only for strengthening arms. Interestingly, the HIIT training can be practised without any equipment. The strong arms are necessary for practising many exercises. Moreover, strong arms with muscular biceps and triceps add charm to your personality and help you to do day to day activities. (Also read: What Are The Effective Chest Exercises for Women)

Here is the HIIT Training workout for stronger arms.

Clapping push-ups

Clapping push-ups is one of the best ways to build stronger arms. This exercise not only builds strong arms but also strengthen upper body simultaneously raise the heart rate. To practice clapping push-ups, come in a push-up position and then lower down into the push-up. Following this exploded up and clap at the top. For better result, keep your core tight and back straight.

Plank get-ups

Plank get-ups are the best way to strengthen arms. This exercise is a mixture of the regular plank. To practice, this, come into plank position. Following this lower down to your elbow on one side, then follow with the other side. After this, straighten one arm then the other until you’re back in the starting plank position. (Also read: What are the amazing health benefits of cycling)

Pike push-up combo

This exercise does not only work on your arms but also strengthen the upper body. To practice this exercise, come in push-up position. Then lower yourself into a push-up and touch your chest to the floor. After this, immediately jump and come into spike position. Bend your forehead towards the floor as low as you. Push back up.

Push-up plank jumps

This exercise strengthens your arms as well as the core. Moreover, this exercise also boosts your metabolism. To practice this exercise, come in the push-up position. Lower down your chest to touch the floor. After this, push back up and then jump your feet towards your hand. (Also reads: What Are The Common Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Running Efforts)

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