What are the best chair exercises to reduce belly fat fast

chair exercises to reduce belly fats

If you have accumulated belly fat due to sitting for a long time at work or for any other reasons, then this is the time to eliminate them at the earliest. The belly fat look wired and make you uncomfortable. People work hard to eliminate this fat but do not get the desired results. The workout and proper diet are necessary to lose belly fat. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to visit the gym then you can practice various exercises with the help of a single chair to eliminate the belly fat. (Also read: What Are The Best Protein Rich Foods For Weight Loss)

Here are the exercises which you can practice with the help of a chair to lose belly fats.

Chair Running

Chair running is quite beneficial to lose belly fat. To practice this exercise, sit on your chair and extend your legs. Tight your abs and bend your right knee upwards and turn left shoulder inward in the direction of your knee. Now quickly switch to another side. Repeat this move as fast as you can.

Chair Squats

To practice this exercise, stand in front of your chair. After this, lower your backside as you are about to sit down. Keep your arms parallel to the floor while facing palms downwards. Following this don’t get comfortable on the chair. Lift yourself, back up and return to start position. For better results, practice sets with 15 reps. (Also read: What Are The Changes You Need To Make To Lose Major Amount Of Weight)

Chair Crunches

Sit on the edge of chair’s edge and lean back until your abs feel engage. After this, bend your knees and pull towards your chest. Practice each set of 20 reps.

Seated Oblique Twist

This very effective exercise to lose belly fat. To practice this exercise, place your hand behind the head while sitting on the chair. Following this, twist your left elbow to meet your uplifted right knee. Moreover, slightly bend forward to make your abs engage. Repeat this process for next side and practice 3 sets of 10 reps. (Also read: High-calorie food items that are actually great for weight loss)

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