What are the best and worst exercises for abs

what are the best and worst exercises for abs

People work hard to get ripped abs. The fitness freaks spend long hours in the gym and outdoor workout to tone their abs. In fact, there is wide information available to get ripped abs but all the information is not always correct. There is enough misconception among people about the abs workout. There are some best and worst exercises that are related to abs workout. In this article we will discuss about the best and worst exercises for your abs. (Also read: What are the Exercises to be practiced during initial days of gym)

Here are the best exercise and worst exercise for abs.

Best Exercise

Bicycle maneuver, captain’s chair and crunches are the overall best exercise for the abdominal muscles.

Bicycle crunch

To practice this exercise, lie on the floor and contract your core muscles. Following this, gently hold your head and lift your knees. Then go through a bicycle pedal motion. Alternately keep touching your elbows to the opposite knees as you twist back and forth. (Also read: Effective seated workout to make the whole body muscular)

Captain’s chair

To practice this exercise, first, start with dangling your legs and then lift your knees towards your chest. Then, return to the original position.

Crunch on an exercise ball

To practice this exercise, sit on the exercise ball while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Following this, roll back slowly until your thighs and upper body parallel with the floor. After this contract your abdominal raising with your torso.

Worst Exercises

It is believed that the traditional crunch, exercise tubing pull and the ab rocker are the least effective exercises. Instead of practicing traditional crunch practice ab roller which is more effective.

Moreover, for better results practice top-rated exercises and workout for five minutes daily. In the workout, include new exercises to avoid boredom. This will also help and workout on the different muscles lower part.

The most important thing is you have to select the workout method which prevents injuries and improves performance in other athletic pursuits. (Also read: Achieve fitness goals by converting swings into exercises equipment)

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