What are the benefits of practising cardio and weight lifting training together

what are the benefits of practising cardio and weight lifting training together

There are plenty of options to lose weight, gain weight and increase muscles. People practice hard workouts to stay fit but sometimes they get disappointed as they fail to yield desired results. They always look for balanced exercises to achieve fitness goals. If you want to attain balance fitness then the weight lifting and cardio exercise can be practised together. Practising cardio along with weight lifting is necessary for the balanced fitness. (Also read: Tips to Add More Chest Mass and Improve Bench Press)

Here are the benefits of practising cardio along with weight lifting programme:

To achieve your end game:

You should fix your workout routine according to your fitness goals. You need a complementary approach to training if you want to lose fats or increase stamina. And you need to practice more weight lifting than cardio training if you want to bulk up. Ironically this applies to the people who want to build their body or to those who are already in good shape and want a more visible toned body.

To burn more fat:

It is well-known fact that muscles burn more calories than fat even when your body is at rest. When one pound of fat gets burnt it only reduces two or three calories whereas when one pound of muscle burns it reduces seven to ten calories per day. And lifting weight is the quickest way to gain muscles. (Also read: Four mistakes that you should never commit while practising deadlift)

To increase cardio benefit

The strength training increases the benefits of cardio. Including strength training into your running, walking, biking or aerobics help you to improve overall. It will condition you more if you are just doing it alone.

Frequency of practising weightlifting and cardio together

You should practice weightlifting and cardio according to the physical strength of the body. Normally, two to three times of cardio per week and two to three-time weight training is good to start.

You can also practice according to your goals. If you want to bulk up then do more strength training and if you want to lose weight then practice more cardio. (Also read: Make Attractive Back With The Help Of Barbell Exercises)


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