What are the amazing health benefits of exercising in water

What are the amazing health benefits of exercising in water

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Exercising in water sounds fun. Offlate the idea of aquatic exercise or exercising in water is so much in trend. Besides the fun factor, it is actually helpful in relieving the stress from the body and the mind simultaneously. When a human body is underwater, it tends to weight lighter. Thus, the impact of exercise on the human body is light as well. It does not lead to muscle stress or physical strain. However, it helps to feel refreshing and happy after such a productive workout in the water. Not just this, it can be practised by people of all age group right from the kids to an elder person. Listed below are some of the health benefits of exercising in water. (Also read: What are the various benefits of jogging to our overall health)

What are the amazing health benefits of exercising in water?

Helps in weight loss: Exercising in water helps to reduce weight in an efficient manner. The body is able to perform a better workout as the strength of the body mingles with the cardio and helps the body to feel lighter. A person can burn around 300 to 500 calories a day depending on the type of workout he/she is performing in the water. Water exercise helps to shed weight at a faster pace.

Helps in improving the flexibility of the body: When we are in the water, our body is kind of free for the movement. It helps the joints to become more flexible. It even helps to increase the mobility of the joints in a better way. However, if one works out in warm water, it is more beneficial for the body. It helps in the movement of the lower body in an appropriate water. (Also read: Why doing bridges exercise daily is important)

Reduces the stress: One feels free near the sea, ocean or even the swimming pool. Water activities help to reduce the stress on the body and the mind simultaneously. Water-based exercises are best to soothe and calm the body. While in water, the brain releases the endorphins which help the person to feel better and free.

Increases the strength of the muscles: Working out in water gives the muscles a good push. It helps to make the muscles stronger and initiates their development as well. Not just this, exercising in water helps to improve the flexibility of the muscles.

Reduces the blood pressure: Working out in water helps in the better flow of blood in the body. It thus helps to reduce the blood pressure and improves the heartbeat rate. (Also read: Which Male Bollywood celebrities have the best body in the industry)

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