What are the amazing exercise to fix bad body posture

amazing exercise to fix bad body posture

The good posture of the body makes you look attractive and confident. On the contrary, the slouching or body’s poor posture made you look unattractive and lazy. Many people face the problem of poor body posture. Slouching is a result of certain muscles tightening up and weakness in muscles. There are many factors that impact on posture including occupational actives and biomechanical factors such as force and repetition. Moreover, poor posture also caused by psychosocial factors such as job stress and strain. You can fix your body posture with some easy and amazing exercise. (Also read: The Best Core exercises that you are not doing)

What is good body posture?

Good posture is defined as when you stand, sit, walk and lie with least strain on supporting muscles.

What are the benefits of a good posture?

The good body posture ensures that your body muscles are being used properly. Moreover, it keeps the bones and joints in correct alignment. The most important thing is the good body posture also prevents a backache and muscular pain.

How to know your posture is bad or correct?

The best way to know your body posture is wrong or right is to visit a doctor. If you want to know it at home then stand with the back of your head. Your hips and shoulder blades will touch the wall. If a gap between your neck and wall is larger than two inches, it indicates that you have poor body posture. (Also read: Exercise to strengthen glute muscles without weights)

Here is the exercise to fix body posture:

Kneeling Spine Twist

To practice this exercise, kneel your knees directly under your hips. After this lift your arms out to a T position while keeping your shoulder down and your core pulled in. Following this, twist to one side while engaging your core. Without lifting your shoulders, pulse three times to this side, then return to start position. Repeat on the other side.

Shoulder Release

To practice, this exercise lay down on your back and fold your hands behind the head. After this bend your knees to take pressure off your lower back. Then release your elbows without pulling your neck. While doing exercise, make sure that your shoulders are loose and push those elbows into the floor. Moreover, avoid straining your neck as well as a face.

Rocker Prep
amazing exercise to fix bad body posture
First of all lay on your stomach. Then lift your chest off the floor to open your shoulders and chest. After this, then bend your knees and reach your hands for your ankles. Hold here, if this is enough of a stretch.

Chest Expansion
amazing exercise to fix bad body posture
To practice this exercise, stand in the kneeling position. Then push your arms behind you while opening the chest. After this reach your arms down long by your sides with palms facing behind you. Look over one shoulder and back to centre, over the other shoulder, and then return to centre with arms at your sides. Repeat this movement. (Also read: Effects on your body by practicing planking exercise daily)

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