Weightlifting tips: What is the right age to lift weight

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Children can start weight lifting at age of 7-8

Weightlifting tips: You can start weightlifting at the age of 7-8 ( Photo Credit- en.eyeni.info

It is well-known fact that weightlifting is beneficial for health and fitness. Regularly lifting weight improves overall fitness, endurance and strength of the body. Moreover, it also helps to lose fat. Despite the weightlifting deliver many benefits, a majority of people believe that weightlifting is reserved for adults only. This, not the truth the children who lift weight avail same benefices as adult experience. Children can begin their weight lifting around the age 7- 8. For better results, add strength training in children workout thrice in a week. (Also read: Weightlifting tricks: Weightlifting tricks to reap maximum benefit)

Weight lifting tips: When you should start lifting the weight.

  • Spark an Interest
  • Get it started
  • Keep it interesting
  • Mix it up
  1. Spark an Interest

    Weight lifting is beneficial for children
    Weightlifting tips: For better results motivate children for weightlifting.

    Children who are age 7-8 years can lift the weight. The weight lifting improves their body composition and bone density with hampering growth. Unfortunately, this will not spark interest in the child. To motivate child for weightlifting, talk with them about how much better they become at the sport.

  2. Get it started
    Once your child is motivated by lifting weight then decide how you will integrate weightlifting in the consistent routine. Plan to help your child work on the very muscle group. Initially, start with light weight.
  3. Keep it interesting
    Children sometimes have attention for a short span and get bored quickly. In this regard keep your children motivated by making their exercise interesting. Use fitness equipment such as resistance bands and medicine balls to make strength training interesting.
  4. Mix it up
    Despite weightlifting is a beneficial exercise for children, you should add aerobic and bone strengthening training workout. Mixing up your children exercise help them to develop overall.

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It is well-known fact that the exercise is important for everyone to stay fit and healthy. Unfortunately, people are confused when they should start weight lifting. The age between 7-8 year is good to begin weight lifting exercise. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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