Walking workouts to burn more calories than Yoga

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walking workouts to burn more calories than yoga

Definitely practising yoga can provide you numerous health benefits. The yoga also helps you to lose weight, burn calories and much more. People practice, Iyengar yoga, hot yoga, and Ashtanga yoga to shed extra pound from the body and stay fit. If you have been practising yoga for a long time and got bored due to practising the same sort of yoga postures. Moreover, if you are practising yoga especially to burn calories. Then it is time take a break from yoga mat and start practising walking workout. This walking workout will help you burn more calories than yoga and provide. (Also read: Amazing tips to master pull-ups exercise)

Here are the three walking workouts which provides you peace of mind and also burns calories:

Cadence Walking

To practice Iyengar yoga, you need many props like mats, pillow chairs, blankets, and belts. This yoga works in the traditional sequences and helps to the proper aliment of the body. You can avail similar benefits by practising cadence walking,

For practising the cadence walking, you need set a metronome to 134 beats-per-minute. Then Walk for two minutes, taking a step on every downbeat. Following this, practice one minute of squats to the beat. For better results practice 10 times walking and squats for 30 minutes.

Treadmill Incline Walking

Ashtanga yoga is known as the athletic style of yoga. Actually, it is fast paced yoga. Practice incline treadmill walking to get a similar challenge.

To practice incline treadmill walking, use the treadmill that elevates from 0-15% grade. Start walking, and spend two minutes on each incline level from 1 to 15 at a speed of 3½ to 4 miles per hour. The incline level of the treadmill will raise your heart rate accordingly. (Also read: Four superset workout for muscular chest)

Weighted Vest Walking

Bikram yoga also is known as hot yoga is performed in a room which is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This yoga makes human body super- flexible. Instead, practice this try weighted vest walking. This walking likewise hot yoga crank up your body heat.

To practice this, wear a 10-pound weighted vest. After wearing weighted vest workout walk-two mile with the target of 30 min. (Also read: Effective weight exercises for bigger triceps)

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