IPL 2018 : Virat Kohli’s Fitness Secret And Workout Plan

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Virat Kohli Fitness Secret: Know About His Diet And Workout Plan

Virat Kohli is one of the fittest cricketers in the world. With his power-packed performances in all three formats of cricket and fitness, Kohli is an inspiration for all young aspiring cricketers. Virat Kohli, gained the attention of everyone when the Under-19 Indian team led by him won the 2008 World Cup. Soon after, he made his ODI debut.

A Punjabi from Delhi, he loves his food and is very passionate about fitness. “It was after the IPL in 2012. Till then I did not focus much on the physical aspect. I never got into the minute details of fitness, things like what I need to eat from morning to night, how much I need to work out, how much I need to train. After that IPL, I started listening to my body,” Virat Kohli told in an interview.

“I never wanted to be average. I wanted to be among the best in the world. I wanted to compete. I wanted to be among the players that other teams want to get rid of. So, I always had that mindset, but I never had the motivation initially to understand how much importance physical strength and fitness hold in my sport, ” he added.

So, if you have been imagining what is the secret behind Virat Kohli’s fit physique, here we bring to you all the details.

Virat Kohli loves dumble exercise and weightlifting in the gym. He also expresses his love against weightlifting by sharing a photo on his Instagram account.

The weight lifting exercise strengthens his lower body as well as the core. He performs exercises before going to the field as he mentioned in the caption of video shared by him.

Can’t wait to get back onto the field. Almost there now . 14th April

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Furthermore, Kholi is very concerned about his fitness and never misses the workout. Moreover, he visits the gym every morning and workout for hours.

Morning sessions get me going like nothing else..

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Moreover, Virat Kohli starts his daily routine with a cardio session. He starts exercise with 15 minutes on the bike at level 3 maintaining an rpm of 120. Then straight onto the treadmill for 10 strides of 20 seconds each and step on the sides for 10 seconds rest in between. 10 of these back to back at a speed of 19 km/hr and level 1 on the incline.

“All of this using the altitude training mask which makes it twice as hard. Train hard train smart. Wish everyone an active and healthy day,” he said.

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