Five upper body exercises that you are ignoring

upper body exercises that you are ignoring

The upper body is an important part of the body. If you have a perfect upper body it attracts the eyeballs of people. And add charm to your personality. The upper body comprises of many muscles including chest, shoulder, biceps and triceps. People work hard to get the muscular upper body. They practice a variety of exercises to achieve the fitness goals. Unfortunately, people ignore some exercises which are very important to get a perfect upper body. (Also read: 3 Kettlebell Exercises To Get Perfect Abs)

Here are the exercises for upper body, which generally people ignore:

Band Pull-Apart

The band pull-apart is one of the best exercises. This exercise is low load and doesn’t put a lot of stress on the joints, which allow you to do high volume at one them. This exercise affects the upper back muscles. The regular practising of this exercise will improve posture and stabilize shoulder joints.

Staggered -stance landmine press

Staggered- stance landmine is very effective exercise to develop the upper body. This exercise also integrates the hips and torso muscles. Moreover, this exercise several effective variations for changing the training based on your goals. (Also read: How can your prepare yourself for the evening workout)

Elbows-out triceps extension

The elbows-out triceps extension is an exercise but provides similar training effect to the triceps as traditional triceps extensions.

Dumbbell squeeze press

There is a minor risk of injury while doing Dumbbell squeeze press but it works pecs muscles likewise dumbbell fly. When you squeeze the weights together during dumbbell bench press, has a great effect on the chest without joint stress.

Trap bar deadlift

The majority of people think that the trap bar deadlift is a lower body exercise. But the movement in this exercise effectively works on the forearms, traps and upper back. (Also read: Build strong core and lower body with the help of reverse plank)

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