Three types of pilates reformer exercises to improve fitness level

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types pilates reformer exercises improve fitness level

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With the help of Pilates Reformer, you can do many types of exercises, which strengthen your body’s various muscles. Moreover, the pilates reformer exercises also help to relieve back pain, increase flexibility, and also improve balance. Although people do not know much about it, they stay away from the Pilates exercise and could not avail the benefits of this exercise. Pilates Reformer Exercise mainly helps to reduce your weight, strengthen core mussels and feet. (Also read: How to stay fit with hula hoops exercises)

Here types of Pilates reformer exercises you can perform.

types pilates reformer exercises improve fitness level
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Hip extension

Hip extension exercise strengthens your hips’ gluteus medius muscle, which is in the outer part of your hips. These muscles work during your jump and running. To practice this exercise, lie down the waist on the reformer pilates and lift your legs in the air in such a way that the angle of 90 degrees is formed. Now with the help of feet, bring the reformer strap down. After coming down, move back to the previous position. (Also read: 4 Shoulder Exercises To Make Deltoid Muscles Strong)

Leg Circle

This exercise is used to strengthen the muscles of your hips and thighs as well as bring them flexibility. Doing the Leg Circle Exercise also helps to reduce the excess fat of the lower part of your waist. To practice this exercise, lie down on the reformer Pilates and bind the strap on the soles. Now lift your legs at an angle of 90 degrees and make spherical shapes in the air from the feet.

Elephant exercise

Elephant exercise makes your stomach’s muscles and lower body parts such as hips, a lower part of the waist, hamstrings, and calf flexible. Also, helps to improve your physical balance. To practice this exercise, keep hands on the reformer foot bar. Now keep both of your legs slightly forward-facing. Now push the Reformer platform backwards with your feet and then bring it back. (Also read: Practice exercises at home with the help of dumbbells for strong body)

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