Tricks To Trigger Stagnant Muscle Growth

tricks to trigger stagnant muscle growth

Many fitness enthusiasts complain that their muscle growth stops after some time despite having a healthy diet and intense workout. The muscle growth halts due to following a similar workout for a long time because following similar workout routine increases muscles size only to an extent. In this regard, you need to add some new exercises to your workout routine. The new exercises add additional pressure on the muscles.

Here are some tricks, which put extra pressure on your muscles and increase their stagnant growth.


Some people start exercising with heavy weight to increase the muscles. This practice will not give sufficient time to recover the muscles and thus their development stops. Deloading means to reduce the duration of workout or exercise for a few days with a slight weight. In this way, muscles will get time and they will start growing again.

Negative repetitions

Negative repetitions cause additional pressure on your muscles. It helps in using all the energy of your muscles, which increases the strength of muscles. To do this, use heavy weights in the first set of your exercise, then reduce your weight with each set unless your muscles are absolutely tired. Also, keep in mind that negative repetitions in some exercises like squat or deadlift in terms of safety can be harmful to you.

Over Eating

You should do over eating sometimes. Because after a heavy workout, consuming high amounts of carbohydrates increases your muscle growth. Your muscles get the necessary anabolic environments by over eating, which increases leptin hormones. The leptin hormones play a vital role in muscle growth.

Increase the volume of workout

Increase the volume of workout for the weak muscles. It does not mean that you should add heavy workout after workout for weak muscles. Instead, add some light exercises followed by a short and intense workout. For instance, if your shoulder is a weak body part, add 30-50 light reps of dumbbell press after every workout. Follow this workout routine for 7-10 days and then return to your normal routine.

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