Treadmills: How to safely use treadmills

Safety measures to treadmills

Treadmills: How to use treadmills safely.

Many people use the treadmill for running and other exercises. The treadmills are quite feasible and easy to use. People spent long hours on treadmills to improve stamina and endurance. Though the treadmills are safe to run but mishaps can happen on anytime. It is mandatory to take precautionary measures. The treadmills are powered by motor rather being self-propelled. There is a risk of injuries especially when people lose their balance on the treadmill. The consequences can include bruises, sprains, broken bones and concussions. It is very important to know how to make your treadmill workout safer. (Also read: Four treadmill workout that you have never practised)

Know safety measures for treadmills:

  • Get familiar with the treadmill’s control panel
  • Know the safety features
  • Don’t make it too steep
  • Go slow
  • Once you are comfortable, don’t hold on
  1. Get familiar with the treadmill’s control panel
    It is very important to know about basic information of treadmill’s control panel. Take a help from your trainer, before turning on the treadmill. Moreover, the majority treadmill’s control panel is same. (Also read: How to beat the boredom of the treadmill)
  2. Know the safety features

    safety measures for treadmill
    Treadmill: It is important to know safety measures of the treadmill.

    It is mandatory to know the emergency off switch of treadmills. You can quickly turn off the treadmills in the case of emergency. Before starting your workout on treadmill test the emergency switch.

  3. Don’t make it too steep
    Making treadmill too steep may cause problems and also lead to calf injuries. Never steep treadmill more than 7 percent. The normal steep for running is 2 percent.
  4. Go slow
    Run or walk slowly at the easy pace for 5- 10 minutes. It is very important to allow time for warmup. Once you get familiar with speed then increase the speed of the treadmill.
  5. Once you are comfortable, don’t hold on
    Once you are comfortable with treadmill then don’t hold the handles of it while running. This can cause many problems like compromised posture and increase the risk of muscle strain. (Also read: Is it better to run outdoors or on a treadmill)

The treadmill provides many benefits. Moreover, it is quite feasible and easy to use. But it also important to be aware of safety measures to prevent injuries.

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