Top reasons for gaining weight even after following a workout regime

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Gaining weight despite workout.

Reasons for gaining weight even after following a workout regime

The workout is necessary to raise the level of fitness. There are the variety of work regimes available, which people follow according to their fitness goals. The workout regime designed accordingly to desired goals. The main goals of people is to lose weight, gain weight and to get a muscular body. You can choose workout regime, which proves fruitful for your desired goal. Not only this, if you can follow any workout regime with consistency it improves overall health the body as well as also many diseases at bay. Unfortunately, when you follow workout regime for weight loss or toned body, it provides opposite result and causes weight gain. There are many reasons for this weight gain. (Also read: Which flat belly exercises are a waste of time)

Top reasons for gaining weight even after following a workout regime: Why does workout cause weight gain:

This article includes : 

  • Water retention after exercise
  • Weight gain immediately after a workout
  • Weight gain with strength training
  •  Weight gain from muscle vs fat

1) Weight gain with strength training
The composition of muscles is heavier than fats. When you change your body composition by building dense muscles and reducing body fat. This may increase your weight. And this changes will appear in weeks and months.

2) Weight gain immediately after a workout

Weight gain after workout
Sometimes you immediately gain weight after the workout.

Many people notice weight gain immediately after the intense workout. This is normal and does not mean that you have gained weight. There are a lot of factors for this weight gain. After the intense workout, the factors that cause variability in weight measuring scales are hydration status, urine as well as blood volume.

3) Water retention after exercise
Water retention may alter your weight. The amount of water is one of the biggest influence on the number of weight measuring scale. However, water retention doesn’t help to change your body composition in any way. Apart from this water retention also hide your shredded abs. To know how to reduce water retention click here .

4) Weight gain from muscle vs fat

Weight scale does not tell you difference between muscles and strength.
Weight scales do not tell you about body composition.

The weight measuring scales do not tell you know about the fitness level and also about body composition. If your aim is to improve the fitness level then the weight measuring tool is not the best. Instead of measuring weight on the scale, one must focus on the objective. (Also read: How to avoid muscle mass loss after leaving the gym)

These are the main reasons which make you gain weight even after following a workout regime. Read this article in Hindi.

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