Top 5 effective ways to do push-ups

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top-5-effective ways to do push ups

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Push-ups are the basic exercise of bodybuilding. Not only this exercise is done to make the heavy muscles, but push-ups can be practised to keep the body fit and strong. It has a great impact on your arms, chest, core muscles and shoulders, and it is more beneficial than many weight exercises. The most important feature of push-ups is that you can do it anywhere.

Everyone knows the general way to do push-ups, but there are several effective ways to do this that gives you better results. (Also read: Four exercises to get ripped lower abs)

Let’s know which are the most effective ways of push-ups

T Push-ups

This exercise affects your body, core muscles, and hands in all parts of the body. To practice this type of pushup, first come in the position of the push-up, now lift one arm up and straighten it. Keep your eyes on the raised arm. Now bring back the hand and push it up again and straighten the other hand up.

Single leg push-up

With the help of single leg push-ups, you can strengthen your upper body and core muscles. To do this, come in the normal push-up position and lift one leg up. Now push-ups in this state, after some rap, you can lift the other leg up by putting the first leg down. (Also read: Four major reasons to practice squats)

Push-up with Arm Reach

Push-up with Arms Reach exercise can strengthen your chest and hands muscles. To practice this type of push-up, come in the position of push-ups and straighten your one hand towards the front while bringing the body down. Now do the same process with the other hand.

Atomic Push-up

The Atomic push-up strengthens the effect of chest and core muscles. Come into the position of a normal push-up and hang your feet on suspension band. Then push-up and bring your feet towards the chest. With this exercise, muscle formation also decreases the body fat.

Single Arm Medicine Ball Push-Up

This exercise strengthens your hands, pecs, and shoulders. It also involves balancing your body. To do this, keep the medicine ball under one hand and push-ups in the position of a push-up. After a set is completed, put the medicine ball under the other hand. It also makes your body balanced. (Also read: Superset workouts for strong and muscular back)

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