Tips to get taller: How to increase height even after puberty

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Tips to increase height after puberty

Puberty: Height can be increased even after puberty.

Many people believe that after puberty they won’t able to increase height. After puberty, some teenagers get taller well while other stay dissatisfied with height. Despite many hormonal changes takes place in the body after puberty but these changes have nothing to do with height. There are many other reasons for dissatisfied height like unhealthy eating habits, poor daily routine, no physical activity or genetic. Therefore, as soon as you step in your puberty you need to make some changes in your habits, which not only increases your height but also help you to stay healthy. There is a need to take special care of your diet to exercise as well as daily routine. (Also read: Which vitamins are important to increase the height)

Tips to get taller: Tips to increase height even after puberty

  • Consume nutritious foods
  • Exercise
  • Drink adequate water
  • Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Use
  • Keep an eye on your posture
  1. Consume of nutritious foods

    Tips ti increase height after puberty
    Puberty: Eat nutritious foods after the onset of puberty.

    Along with health, consumption of nutritious food is necessary for increasing height. The balanced diet promotes hormones that increase the height of your body. Moreover, the balanced diet also revives the dead cells of your body. Foods containing calcium, vitamin-D, zinc and phosphorus help to increase your height. (Also read: Which foods you should eat to increase your height)

  2. Exercise
    Exercise stretches your muscles that increase your length. Yoga, skipping rope and standing on the toes are also very effective to increase your length. These exercises regenerate your tissue again. (Also read: Important Exercises To Increase Height Quickly)
  3. Drink adequate water

    Puberty: Drink adequate water after the onset of puberty

    Consumption of adequate water flush out the all the toxins from the body. Moreover, the consumption of adequate water also boosts your metabolism. This keeps your body energized and helps to increase your height. (Also read: What are the reasons that you should not drink water while standing)

  4. Avoid smoking and alcohol
    Smoking and alcohol affect your body negatively. Both are harmful to your hormone and prevents height. Therefore, during puberty, you should avoid smoking and alcohol. (Also read: What are the common myths related to smoking)
  5. Take care of your posture
    Bending put pressure on the spinal cord, causing your height to stop. Therefore, the spinal cord should always be kept straight so that your height will continue to grow.

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The height of many people stops after the puberty, but with the help of some simple tips, you can increase your height. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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