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Tips for six-pack abs: Why you are not getting six-pack abs despite working out

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These reasons may be halting your abs

Tips for six-pack abs: Reasons why you are not getting abs.

Everyone desire six-pack abs as they make your physique muscular and toned. But getting six-pack abs is tougher than other body muscles. You have to work hard and consume nutritious food in order to get shredded abs. Moreover, you have to execute exercises in the appropriate way to get those abs. Unfortunately, some people are failed to get six pack abs despite working out and consuming a nutritious diet. There are various reason behind not getting six-pack-abs. You must be aware of these reasons, so you get the six-pack-abs at the earliest. (Also read: Tips for six-pack abs: How often you should train your abs)

Tips for six-pack abs: Reasons for not getting abs despite working out

  • You are working them every day
  • Shedding belly fat with crunches
  • Inconsistent diet
  • Not training abs with weights
  • Not breathing properly
  1. You are working them every day

    Due to these reason may be you are not getting six pack abs.
    Tips for six-pack abs: Follow the tips to get six pack abs.

    Majority of people practice abs exercise every day. This is a wrong approach and will not reap any results. The abdominal muscles are not different than other. For better results provide 78 to 72 hours of rest.

  2. Shedding belly fat with crunches
    Abs will only reveal once you lose belly fats. Moreover, the abs workout will not help you to lose the belly. To get six-pack abs, first, eliminate belly fats by hitting cardio harder and also practice high-intensity interval training. (Also read: Which yoga postures are better then crunches)
  3. Inconsistent diet
    Despite sticking to any diet plan is quite tough but for shredded six-pack abs, you have to follow that plan. If you are following a diet plan and its working and then stick to it till shredding.
  4. Not training abs with weighing
    If you want shredded abs then you have to train your abs with weight. For better results use dumbbells and plate, try doing fewer reps with more weight. You can see the difference at the earliest.
  5. Not breathing properly
    Many people ignore the breathing while doing crunches or other abs exercises. Improper breathing pushes the stomach out and forcing the abdominal wall to protrude.

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Getting six-pack abs is not an easy task. There is some reason which not allows you to get six pack abs despite workout. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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