Time Management Tips For Working Out During Lunch Break

Time Management Tips For Workout During Lunch Break

There is no fixed time to practice exercise to stay fit. You can practice exercise at anytime and anywhere if you want to stay healthy. In this regard, you can also perform an exercise during lunch time. The exercise in lunch time helps you to stay fit and also increase productivity as well as energy. Moreover, this exercise is a great way for those who have a busy schedule and won’t able to hit the gym. The important thing is to exercise during your lunch break, you have to plan in advance. (Also read: Superset programs for muscle growth)

Here are tips to plan lunch time exercise.

1) Pack your lunch
Pack your lunch before going to work. This will save your time because if you don’t pack lunch you have to wait in queue for the food. If your lunch is with you, eat it before an hour of your exercise to give yourself a boost.

2) Locker-Room Prep
Having a well-organized gym is very important to fit a lunch workout in a schedule. For instance, if you have long hair, opt for a braid as it will save time before your workout and no fussing required to put your hair up. Moreover, after a workout, you can skip the long washing and drying routine that keeps you stuck in the locker room. (Also read: How many times in a day you should avoid drinking water)

3) Choose the right moves
If you are short of time then it is important to get the most from your workout. In this regard, choose such exercises which are effective and not time-consuming.

4) Shorten the warm up
It is believed that warm up is not if you are doing cardio. The warm up prepares you metabolically for a workout, so, if you are practising cardio you will get pretty much pump for metabolic.

Here are some office-friendly moves that you can also practice during lunch time

Chair squats: Pull your chair away from the desk, then stand up and sit down in rapid succession.

Leg stretch: Sitting on a chair, bring one leg up so that the ankle of one foot is resting on the opposite knee, then stretch and bend over 4-5 times. Repeat with the other leg.

Wall push-ups: Stand to face a wall, with your arms up and palms touching the wall in front of you. Lean into the wall and then push yourself to start position.

Chest stretch: Sit on your chair and stretch your arms wide open to the sides until you feel your chest start to rise. Bring arms back to centre again. (Also read: Seven Health Benefits Of Fasting For Whole Body Wellness)

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