Three-day workout plan for shredded abs

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three day workout plan for shredded abs

Every person desires for shredded abs as it adds charm to the personality of the person. The fitness enthusiasts work hard to get a pack of shredded abs. They practice crunches and many other exercises to achieve the fitness goals. Unfortunately, gaining the abs is not an easy task. To attain shredded abs you need dedication, hard work and proper diet. Apart from this, the workout plan plays an important role. The more workout variation you bring in the workout the better results will be achieved at the earliest. The workout variation engages core muscles and provides effective results. There is three-day workout plan which provides effective results at the earliest. (Also read: How to start strength training)

Let’s about three-day workout plan for shredded abs.

Day 1
On the day 1, you have to practice general plank and the general side plank. Moreover, you do not need any equipment to practice both the exercises. These exercises provide with pure stabilization of the ab muscles.

General Plank

To practice general plank, lie on the floor and your elbows under the shoulder. Keep your upper body in the air until it makes a straight line from shoulder to ankles. Hold this position for the desired amount of time while tightening your stomach and squeezing your butt. (Also read: What are the little changes that can make you, fitter)

General side plank

Lie on one side with your legs stacked. After this pop your body up while using your lower elbow. During the exercise keep your abs tight.

Day 2
On the second day of workout plan, you have to practice three exercises including sliding disc push- away, Mountain climber with hands-on a swiss ball and Half -kneeling cross-body cable Chop.

Half -kneeling cross-body cable Chop

To practice this exercise, attach a rope handle to the top pulley of a cable station. After this come into lunge position while keeping your knee on the floor. Following this pull the cable diagonally downward to your left side.

Mountain climber with hands-on swiss ball

To practice, this exercise comes in a pushup position while keeping your hands on the swiss ball. After this, squeeze your abs and raise one your knee towards chest. Then one to start position and repeat with another leg.

Sliding disc push- away

To practice, this exercise, firstly get in a pushup position while keeping the sliding disc under your hand. After this push forward one hand after while drag it back. Then repeat with another hand.

Day 3
On the third day, you have to practice two exercises including Turkish getup and suitcase or rack walk. These exercises strengthen your abs and you can avoid injury in the lower back.

Turkish Getup

Lie on your back on the floor and hold a dumbbell in one hand while extending the hand above the chest. On the same time bend your knee and keep another leg straight. After this lifting the dumbbell to the sky, and crunching onto your opposite elbow. Following this hike your hips in the air and sweep the straight leg underneath the body, stepping back and settling onto your knee. After pushing weight away from and come in a standing position while lifting a dumbbell.

Rack walk

To practice this exercise, hold the kettlebell in both hands then fold the arms close to the chest. After this walk 40 yards. (Also read: What are the reasons for loss of muscle mass even when you are working out)

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