Things you must avoid after a workout

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things you must avoid after a workout

It is very important to take care of yourself post the workout as a wrong thing can ruin your all efforts. What you do post workout is as important as the workout in itself. Adopting good habits post gym is very important to reap the best result from the workout likewise eating the right kind protein and carbohydrate-rich foods are necessary rather than foods that will wipe out all your hard work.

Here are things you should never do after a workout.

  • Forgetting to Cool Down

After a five-mile run on the treadmill walk more for five minutes. Following this take a time to cool down lets your heart rate and blood pressure return to normal that prevent the buildup of blood in the veins. In Addition, it also feels nice and helps to get rid of that jelly leg sensation.

  • Skipping Your Stretch

Stretching after a workout is very important as it prevents muscles from contracting. It also allows muscles to rebuild and will help to reap maximum benefit from the exercise. The stretching also helps to relax and reduce muscle stiffness.

  • Not Eating

Eating healthy food is very important after work out. Consume healthy foods that are rich in carbs and protein with an hour of your workout. It is important because the body needs the energy to repair and refuel itself.

  • Neglecting Your Water Bottle

Make sure you drink two or three cups of water in the hours after a workout as the body needs to replenish the water it stores in order to stay hydrated.

  • Touching Your Face

Avoid touching your eyes or face after a workout as it can spread bacteria. Wash your hands, wipe your face with a towel after you done with the workout.

  •  Not Recording Your Progress

Monitoring your performance is the best way to stay motivated. You can also gauge where you are plateauing.

  • Staying in sweaty clothes

It is important to change sweaty clothes after the workout as it leads to the yeast infection or body acne.

  • Skipping Sleep

It’s important to get a good sleep after an intense workout. During sleep, your body heals and build strong muscles.

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