Which things you need to know before your first indoor cycling class

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things need know first indoor cycling class

Indoor cycling which is also known as ‘spinning exercise’ which is very beneficial for overall health and fitness. Majority of people practice spinning exercise to reduce weight. But in reality, this exercise effectively works to strengthen the stamina, endurance as well as the strength of the body. This exercises burn a lot of calories and also relieves the stress. Moreover, this exercise also works to improve leg muscles. The most important thing is you need to execute the exercise in the right way then only you reap the best results. (Also read: Which things you should do before going to the gym)

Let’s know things that you should need to be aware of before your first indoor cycling class:

Fuel your ride
Never exercise on empty stomach. It will benefit if you eat a something about an hour before the exercise. Consume some snacks that include carbohydrate and some protein, such as nut butter on whole grain bread.

Suit up
Avoid wearing moisture-wicking cloths. The body will definitely lead to sweat, so avoid moisture-wicking cloths to keep cool and dry. Moreover, it is important to get cycling shoes. (Also read: How to make lifting weights more effective)

Always keep a towel on the handlebars because you probably need it. You sweat a lot when you practice exercise.

Arrive ten minutes early
It is very important to set the saddle and handlebars at a comfortable level. You have to spend 40-60 minutes on the cycle, so arrive early and make sure you have enough time to set the saddle and handlebars.

Pedal in full circles
It very important to concentrate on your pedal stroke. If you want to reap the best results from spinning class then pedal in full circles.

You should take lots of water
Definitely, you will sweat a lot while doing exercise, which is fine. Always remember to carry water with you. Take small sips between the short breaks, the water will keep you hydrated.

Resistance level is really important
The resistance is really important during spinning exercise. The resistance will control how hard the muscles need to work. (Also read: How to avoid muscle mass loss after leaving the gym)

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