Things to keep in mind while weight lifting

things keep mind weight lifting

Building muscle is one of the toughest tasks and people work hard for muscles growth. There are two important factors for muscle growth one is proper diet and second is a proper execution of exercises. The majority of people believe that cardio will help them to gain lean muscles. But the fact is cardio alone will not help them to gain muscles. They need to practice other exercises like weightlifting to achieve fitness goals. The weightlifting will give desired results at the earliest if exercises are practised in a proper manner. Moreover, if you are sportsperson then the proper weightlifting is more beneficial as it reduces the risk of injury.

If you are going to start weight lifting then follow precautionary measures if you want to yield best results. Below mentioned are some tips which you should keep in mind during weightlifting.

Take time

To learn weightlifting you need a lot of patience. If you don’t take time to learn weightlifting it will increase the risk of injuries. Before practising, learn weightlifting exercises properly and gradually increase the reps of exercise otherwise you will get bored.

Don’t practice weightlifting regularly

It is a well-known fact that excess of everything is bad. If you are a fresher then practice weightlifting twice in a week. On the first day perform exercises for upper body and on the second-day practice for lower body.

Prioritize some exercise

Some of the weightlifting exercises are very beneficial as they strengthen the whole body. Practice double leg squat, calf raise and hamstring curl for lower body. Similarly, practice master push-ups, back row and reverse fly for the upper body. If you follow the same routine it will impact strengthen the whole body.

Listen to your body

Keep a track of your body activities for better results. If your heart rate rises while burning calories, it means you are not practising exercise in a proper manner. If you ignore body activities it will increase the risk of injury.

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