Which things you should add in your workout to burn more calories

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things add workout burn calories

It is very important to spend some time for a workout as it is necessary to stay fit and healthy. The workout provides many benefits to the body like tonnes the muscles, improves the flexibility, helps in gaining muscles and also helps to lose weight. Sometimes you do not get the desired results from the workout routine. If you want to reap desired results from workout then it is important to include some tasks to achieve fitness goals. It does not mean that you make changes in the workout routine but you have to start doing some other tasks with it. These things help in burning more calories. (Also read: Why you need a partner to workout)

Let’s know about the task that you should add in a workout to burn more calories:

Add bodyweight exercise in cardio
If you are building muscles then add bodyweight exercises in cardio. The more calories you burn, the more muscle you build. This will help you burn more calories even when your body is at rest.

Make changes in exercise
If you are doing the same exercise for a long time, your body burns calories in small quantities. Along with this, the chances of injury are also increased. Keep doing some changes in your workout so that you can avoid the boredom of the exercise. If you want to burn more calorie then you should make some changes in exercise, intensity, and even the weight. (Also read: Right Way to Exercise Wall Sit and Its Benefits)

Expand the exercise time
If you do exercise for 20 minutes in a day, then start exercising a little longer. It helps to burn more calories. You can burn 25-30 extra calories by practising cardio for 5 minutes.

Speed up exercise
High-intensity interval training helps to burn more calories and also helps to remove excess fat from your belly. For this, include high-intensity interval training in every 30-minute workout. Besides this, increase your interval time.

Using more feet
Squat and bicep curl burn more calories. Your leg muscles use more energy. Mix upper-body movements with leg exercises to burn more calories. (Also read: Which exercises can be practiced at home to strengthen lower body)

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