What exercises might harm your body

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these exercise may harm your body

It is well-known fact that exercising is necessary to achieve fitness goals. There are plenty of exercise of which help you to get desired fitness goals. Some people practice exercise to lose weight, some practice to gain weight and other to get the toned and muscular body. The majority people follow the instruction of trainer and start practising the exercises. There is not enough awareness about the exercises as some exercises are terrible for your body. These exercises may cause problem and hurdles to achieve your fitness goals. (Also read: What are the amazing exercise to fix bad body posture)

Let’s know which exercise may cause problems for your body.

The upright row

The upright row is practice for shoulder strength and it may cause injury to the shoulder. This exercise activates anterior, middle, and posterior delts muscles respectively.  The positions of shoulder and arms while doing exercise protract and internally rotated can create the risk of shoulder impingement. Instead of practising the upright row, you should practice shoulder press and incline row.

The legs press
these exercise may harm your body
If you think leg press work on quads as well as glutes then you are wrong. The seated position halts hip from full extending at the top of the movement, leaving the glutes largely left out. For better results opt for squats, lunges, and step-ups. (Also read: The Best Core exercises that you are not doing)

The pecs deck
these exercise may harm your body
The pecs deck exercise actually effectively activates the pecs muscles. This exercise puts your shoulders externally rotated and abducted which a very vulnerable position. For better results, the old-fashioned bench press is less risky for the shoulders.

Bodyweight Dips
these exercise may harm your body
The body weight exercise activates triceps and uses great amount of shoulder stability. During this exercise, you move a lot and you are also unstable. You may have risk impingement of never endings if you don’t have the strength needed to support the muscles. For strengthening triceps practice triangle pushups or tricep kickbacks.

The long-hold plank
these exercise may harm your body
The people practice this exercise for building spine stability and sculpting core. This exercise may be bad for your body as side-planks yield relatively low activity from the rectus abdominus and obliques. Plank variations, such as arm reaches or pressing up and down from forearms to hands is better than a long-held plank. (Also read: Effects on your body by practicing planking exercise daily)

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