The Best Core exercises that you are not doing

the best core exercises you are not doing

Every fitness enthusiast desired for strong core muscles. The people work hard to strengthen core muscles. The core muscles play a significant role in athletic and functional movements that we encounter daily. The strong core muscles help to reveal six packs abs. The six-pack abs add to the personality. Moreover, the people practice new exercises to get desired results at the earliest. In reality, people forget to practice such exercise which provides better results at the earliest. (Also read: Which exercise you should practice according to zodiac sign)

Here are some exercises which you are ignoring but provide better results.

Wheel out

The wheel out exercise targets the abs muscles, lower back muscles, obliques muscles, intercostals muscles, lats muscles and shoulder muscles. The exercise can be practised by anyone. To practice this exercise, grab the ab roller with both hands while kneeling on the floor. After this all you need to do is roll the ab roller straight, meanwhile, stretching your body into a straight position. Following this take a pause on stretch position and start pulling yourself back to start position. If you have any back problem with lower back then avoid this exercise. Practice five sets of better results.

Side Plank Raises

The side plank raise is very effective exercise to trim side areas. To practice this exercise, lie on your right side with your hips on the floor in a side plank position. Also, ensure your right elbow under your shoulder. After this, lift your hips off the ground until your body is in a straight line. Following this, slowly lower your hips back down, but do not let them touch the floor. Lift your hips back up into the straight line position. That’s one rep. Practice 5 sets 15 reps for better results. (Also read: Strength Exercises That You Always Need)

Reverse Crunch

To practice this exercise, lie down on the floor while extending legs and arms to the side of the upper body. After this, lift your legs so that your thighs and feet are perpendicular to the floor. While inhaling, move your legs towards the chest. Hold the contraction for a second and move your legs back to the start position while exhaling. Practice 4-5 sets with 15-20 reps in a full range of motion.

Plank twist

To practice this exercise, get in the position of a push-up, lift right arm straight up while twisting torso to open to side but keeping feet in place. Return to start, switch arms, and repeat to complete 1 rep. For better result practice 8 reps. (Also read: Reasons why you need to do one arm dumbbell row exercise)

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