Superset programs for muscle growth

supersets muscles growth

Supersets are one of the popular methods to build muscles. It is defined as practising two exercises for different muscles group back to back without a break. Supersets are very effective for beginners and more beneficial if you are short of time. Moreover, by utilising the rest time for more workout serve as recovery for each other by triggering physiological processes that encourage muscle growth. (Also read: Six minute workout to strengthen legs)

Who are they for?
Supersets add intensity in your workout. They decrease the length of the workout as well as add volume. Also, the people who want to introduce some pace into their session, supersets are a great choice. Moreover, the supersets are also great for those, who love a bit of pain with their pump.

What did they do?
Supersets are not cardio but decreasing of the rest period between exercise will help your muscular endurance and cardio fitness. (Also read: How to stay fit without exercise)

Here are types of Superset:

1) Supersets to pre-exhaust

The pre-exhaust superset is a good way to boost heart rate at the start of your session as well as help you to focus on exercise. To practice, pre-exhaust superset along with the leg extension with squats, or cable presses superset with flat bench press. You will find that you need much less weight on your compound lift.

2) Compound superset

The compound superset boosts the intensity of one body part and this is a great way to hit the particular body part hard. To practice, the compound superset performs the bench press with incline dumbbell press or Pendley rows with dumbbell rows.

3) Isolation Supersets
You can use isolation superset to target smaller body part like calves, biceps or triceps. Therefore, with performing isolation supersets such body parts will get volume on the smaller body part.

4) Superset finisher

The superset finisher is quite painful but effective for muscle growth. To practice the superset finisher, a large compound move with a lighter, higher-rep move, you finish off a muscle with tons of volume. ( Also read: 6 Effective Exercises To Build Strong Quads)

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