Superset workouts for strong and muscular back

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supersets for strong and muscular back

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It is very important for your back to be strong for the muscular body. The muscular and strong back makes your personality attractive and energetic. You can make your back muscular quickly and effectively with the help of supersets. During the superset workouts, you take heavy workouts by taking minimal rest, which increases the effect on the muscles. In this workout reps and the set has great value. The superset workout makes strong lats muscles of your back and even make the back in V Shape.

Here are the exercises to make muscular back.

Back extension

The back extension strengthens the lower part of your waist and also brings the flexibility. For V Shape it is very necessary to make lower waist muscular. To practice, this exercise lies down on the extension machine. Now tilt your upper body downwards, then lift it to the waist. Make 5 sets of 10 reps.

Wide grip pull-up

The pull-up is beneficial for all your body’s muscles. This exercise is very necessary to strengthen the body and all the muscles of the waist. You should do this until you completely feel tired.

Bent over barbell row

Bent Over Barbell Row has a similar effect on your lats muscles and lower waist. For this, grab a bar with weight and bow the waist down to 45-degree angle. Now bring Barbell to his stomach with knees. 5 sets of 10 rap.

Stiff Arm pull-down

Stiff Arm pull-down strengthens your back traps muscle. To practice this exercise, hold the bar of the cable machine and bend the waist at a 45-degree angle. Then bring the bar towards your waist. Set 5 of 10 reps of this exercise.

Barbell high pully

Barbell High Pully makes the upper part of your back and the traps muscle. Put the barbell on the ground for it, now sit down and hold it up and bring the barbell together and bring it to the head. Now repeat this process. Set up 5 sets of 3 drops of this exercise and do it with caution because you can get hurt due to mistake.

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