Four superset workout for muscular chest

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four superset work out for muscular chest

The chest is one of the most favourite muscle groups among the fitness freak. They work hard to attain the big chest but some fail due to lack of proper execution of training or lack of training knowledge. There are many types of training available which promote the muscle growth of chest. Out of several workouts, supersets are very effective for gaining muscles. During supersets, you have to perform exercises one after another without any rest. The supersets are very effective to pump chest muscle growth. (Also read: Effective weight exercises for bigger triceps)

Here are below mentioned some best super-sets which promote the chest growth in the very effective way

  • Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench is very popular exercise to increase the chest growth. To practice the barbell bench press, lie on the bench and then grab the barbell with your arms shoulder width apart. Now slowly bring down the barbell and touch the bar to your chest and pause and then do the push-up. For better result repeat the action.


Immediately, after the one set of barbell bench press, practice push-ups. (Also read: Make Attractive Back With The Help Of Barbell Exercises)

  •  Seated Machine Chest Press

Sit down at the machine with your feet on the ground. Place your hands around the middle of the grip and press the weight. Slowly bring the weight back to starting position.

Incline Dumbbell Pullovers

Followed by seated machine chest press, practice incline instead of taking rest after 1 set. To practice this, lie on the incline bench grab dumbbells above your torso. Ensure you don’t bend your elbows, only your shoulders should move. Slowly lower the weight back over your head. Take a pausing at the bottom and maintaining the stretch. Then press the weight back up to the starting position.

  • Incline Barbell Bench Press

Incline barbell is very effective exercise for the growth of chest muscles. To practice, this exercise lay on the incline bench and hold the barbell, with your arms shoulder width apart. Now lower down the weight to your chest. Take a small pause at the bottom and then push-up.

Chest Dips

Followed by the incline barbell bench press, practice chest dips.

  • High-to-Low Cable Fly

The high-to-low cable fly is an important exercise for the chest growth. This exercise is known for filling the upper chest.

Low-to-High Cable Fly

Instead of taking rest practice, practice low-to-high cable fly. (Also read: Machine Exercises to make fantastic muscles)

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