Stretching tips: Which stretches every men should know

Stretches for every men

Stretching tips: Men should practice these stretches

Stretching before and after the workout is very important. It increases the flexibility and prevents injuries that caused by the workout. If you practice stretches regularly then it delivers many more benefits and helps the body to perform physical action properly. Moreover, it also increases the blood flow and prepares the body for the exercises. Apart from this, there are certain stretches of which every man should be aware. These stretches provide relief from the many pain. Men should be aware of these stretches. (Also read: Benefits of stretching: Why you should stretch before starting the exercise)

Stretching tips: Stretches which every man should know.

  • The back and chest
  • Aching hamstrings stretch
  • Strained lower back stretch
  • Abdominal flex
  • Back opener
  1. The back and chest
    This stretch is beneficial for the development of chest and back. Moreover, this also relieves the pain from back and chest. To practice this stretch, stand normally and extend your arms to your side. Now lift your chest.
  2. Aching hamstrings stretch
    To relieve pain and flexibility of hamstrings this stretch is quite beneficial. To practice this stretch, standing with your feet two feet apart. Then bend your knees and grab your ankles. Following, this gently tries to straighten your legs. (Also read: How stretching helps to lose weight)
  3. Strained lower back stretch
    Strained lower back stretch improve the of the upper body. To practice this stretch, stand with left foot forward. Now press your fist into the back while pushing your hips and raising chest to upward. Then repeat the same process with another leg.
  4. Abdominal flex
    To practice this stretch, lie down on the floor with your hands. Now press your arms and raise upwards. Make sure, your legs and hips are flat on the floor.
  5. Back opener
    This stretch is beneficial for the back. To practice this stretch, lace your fingers. Now extend your arms in front of you and rotate the palm facing away from you. Tuck your chin into chest while extending your arms.

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Every man should be aware of these stretches. These stretches help to relieve pain and increase the blood flow in the body.

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