Which stretches you should never practice before workout

Stretching mistake

You must be aware of stretches which should not be performed before the workout.

Stretching is very beneficial for the body. It provides ultimate benefit to the body if practised after and before a workout. The stretching helps to reduce muscle fatigue. When you stretch after a workout, your muscles are warm and it improves the blood circulation. Moreover, stretching also eases the body pain. Apart from this, there are various types of stretching and there is set the pattern for performing stretches. Some stretches should be performed after the workout and some before the workout. If you practice wrong stretches it may reduce muscles strength as well as also decrease muscles power. You must be aware of stretches which should not be performed before the workout. (Also read: Which strength training mistakes wreck your workout)

Let’s know which stretches should not be practised before workout:

  • Elevated hamstring stretch
  • Forward fold stretch
  • Standing isolate quad stretch
  • Figure four stretch
  1. Elevated hamstring stretch

    In this stretch, you have to place one foot on a surface lower than your hip, like a bench. Then bend forward your flexed foot. This stretching exercise often leads to a deep burn in the back of the knee. In reality, this sensation occurs due to tension applied to the sciatic nerve. This stretch doesn’t help in becoming more flexible. Moreover, some stretches help to reduce muscles stiffness, to know more click here.
  2. Forward fold stretch

    To practice this stretch, you have to stand with your feet together. And then bend forward to reach palms towards the floor. This stretching makes you less efficient during the workout. It also leads to painful injuries like microtears. Such injuries restrict your movement.
  3. Standing isolate quad stretch

    To practice this stretch, stand tall hip-width apart. Now bend your left leg and bring towards your butt. Now grab your foot with left hand. You will feel mild spread in the leg. This stretch is often performed wrong due to which it puts more stress on the knee joint. It may cause anterior knee pain.
  4. Figure four stretch

    To practice this stretch, lie on your back while keeping ankle of one leg across the knee of another leg. Now pull the back of thigh towards your body. Practising this stretch before the workout is not good because that time hip doesn’t have the range of motion, and the muscles surrounding the hip joint don’t have the adequate flexibility. (Also read: Exercise With Asthma: Tips To Exercise With Asthma Or Allergies)

Stretches provide numerous health benefits to the body.  You have to practice stretches in a proper way to avail all the benefits. You can also read this article in Hind.


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