Which stretches you must do before getting out of the bed to feel great

stretches getting bed feel great day

Stretching before hopping out from the bed in the morning is the best thing that you can do. It helps you to feel better for the rest of the day. The stretching improves the blood flow in the entire body, so you feel energetic throughout the day. It also eases the muscle tension and loses stiff joints. Apart from this, the stretching also improves the blood flow in the brain, which improves the concentration. Moreover, if you have been experiencing aches and pains in the morning then you should perform these stretches. (Also read: Which Natural Stool Softeners You Can Add To Your Diet)

Let’s know about stretches which you should practice before hooping out from the bed:

Full-body stretch
To practice full-body stretch, take a deep breath and reach your arms overhead. Then clasp your fingers together and flip palms outward. After this, lengthen your legs and point your toes. Keep elbows and knees straight. Hold this position for 5 seconds. And the breath out.

Figure-four stretch
This stretch will help you to loosen hip joints, thigh and glutes. To do this stretch, bend your left knee up toward and then cross your right foot over left knee. Then hug your left knee towards chest. (Also read: What are the common signs of stroke we must not ignore)

Bed-to-floor stretch
This stretch allows fresh oxygen to reach the brain and wake you up. To practice this stretching, sit up on the edge of a bed with your feet touching the floor. Then reach your toes, while hanging your head down. Moreover, let your head and fingertips hang towards the floor, and hold this position for ten seconds.

Knees-to-chest stretch
This stretch will improve your lower back health. To practice this stretch, lay flat on your back and bend your knee. After these wrap your arms around your legs and pulls towards the chest.

Spine twist
This stretch is very beneficial to ease the spinal tension. To practice this stretch, keep your knees together, twist your pelvis to bring your right knee to the bed. After this hold your left knee with your right hand and also turn your neck to the left. Hold this position for 10 seconds. (Also read: Which BMI myths you need to stop believing)

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