Strength Exercises That You Always Need

strength exercises that you always need

It does not matter how much weight you have practised on the bench press or barbell curl because there are some strength exercises that provide enough challenges to your muscles. By doing these bodyweight exercises, many muscle groups are activated simultaneously and increase your muscles growth. The biggest feature is that you can do these exercises anytime, anywhere and for any fitness level. (Also read: Achieve fitness goals by converting swings into exercises equipment)

Let’s know about these Strength exercises.

Chair Dips

This exercise works to strengthen your triceps and core muscles, for which you will need a chair. To practice it, hang two hands on the edge of the chair with an equal width of the shoulders and keep feet on the floor completely. Now bring the hips downwards and stop at the same time as the shoulders of the elbows. After this, move the body backwards to the initial position. To make this exercise more challenging, keep the legs slightly forward.


Push-ups are a complete physical exercise, which strengthens the chest, shoulders, the triceps, the waist, hips and the abs muscles. To do this, place your palms on under the shoulders and the weight of the lower body is placed on both the toes. Place your hips and neck in a straight line and bring the chest to the ground and the slowly get back to start position. Pull the chest near the ground. To make this exercise more challenging, you can practice diamond push-ups, superman push-ups and clap push-ups. (Also read: Effective Bodyweight Exercises For Strong Feet)


Squats are quite an important exercise to strengthen the lower body. It mainly affects your glutes, hamstrings and quads muscles. To do this, open the feet equal to the width of the waist and bring the hips downwards. When your thighs come parallel to the ground then take the body back upwards. You can also practice single leg squats or weighted squats to make this exercise more challenging.


To get physical strength, Plank is an effective exercise. It strengthens your abs, chest, forearms and shoulders. To do this, first, be in the position of push-up and put your elbows on the floor just below the shoulders. Keep the forearm open to the front and keep the waist, hips and thighs in a straight line. Now stay in this state for some time now. To make this exercise challenging, you can also raise one leg upwards.


Pull-ups are a challenging exercise for your upper body, that has a lot of impact on the waist, biceps and shoulders. To do this, hold a fixed bar with a width equal to the shoulders. And pull the body upwards with the power of hands. To make this exercise more challenging you can try more hand positions. (Also read: How To Do Full Body Workout With TRX Bands)

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