Some effective exercises to have a bigger chest

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Some effective exercises to have a bigger chest

Barrel chest is a dream of every man but it can’t be achieved in a day or two. If done religiously and in an effective manner, it helps to get the best result soon. It’s good to workout hard to achieve that dream body and get the proper shape. Furthermore, it is always advisable to carry out such heavy exercises under the guidance of a gym trainer or a fitness expert to avoid any injury.

Listed below are few exercises one should practice to get the biggest chest faster:

Bench Press
Inclined Dumbbell Press
Push ups
Flat Dumbbell Fly
Reverse Grip Bench Press

1. Bench Press:
Some effective exercises to have a bigger chest

Starting with the basics of fitness, nothing could beat the barrel bench pressing. In addition, it also builds the chest stronger. One should widen the grip and grasp the bar. Practising this way will be an easy target to gather more muscles on your chest. Start this exercise and continue doing 20 reps. Gradually add more weight and also do 10 reps with that additional weight.

2. Push ups: Though push ups sound cliche, they are the most effective form of exercise.

3. Inclined dumbbell press:
Some effective exercises to have a bigger chest

To give a rounded shape to the upper chest, incline dumbbell press is the best exercise. Therefore, lie down on an incline bench and take the dumbbell in your hands. Press your elbow along with moving the dumbbell up and down. When you press the dumbbells up, keep your hands wider than your shoulder width in order to get the best results and avoid any injury. One should do at least 10-12 reps of the same.

4. Flat Dumbbell Fly: This exercise almost covers the whole part of your chest. It also improves your mind-muscle connection and gives an access to the engagement of more chest muscles. This is a bit difficult exercise and has to be executed properly. However, don’t do it in the initial stage as it might lead to injury. Put away the weight from the elbow.

5. Reverse grip bench press: According to a survey, reverse grip bench press is most effective when it comes to any other exercise. One can do this exercise with the same amount of weight with which he did normal bench press. If one wants to increase the weight then warm up your body with the light weight and then gradually add on more weight to the same. You must be at a straight angle to avoid injury.

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