Six Benefits of Jumping Rope Fitness

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six benefits of jump rope fitness

Aiming to shed extra pound from the body as well as to stay fit more and more people are joining a gym. But the fact is that joining the gym is not necessary as you can workout at home using a jumping rope. The jumping rope is very helpful to improve your health and to stay fit. Moreover, Jumping rope exercises is also easy to do anywhere in the living room or while watching tv.Jumping rope has numerous benefits.

Here we have listed few other benefits of jumping rope:

Decreases Foot and Ankle Injuries
Jumping rope is very beneficial for those who are active in sports. Jumping rope improves foot coordination as well as increases your strength in the muscles surrounding ankle joint and foot which decrease the chance of injury to those areas.

Burns Major Calories
Jumping rope burns more calories as compared to jogging. It is believed that the Jumping rope has a burn rate of up to 1300 calories per hour. Moreover, 10 minutes of jumping rope can be considered the equivalent of running an around the eight-minute mile. It will also promote the greatest amount of weight loss in the healthiest manner possible.

Muscle Tone
Jumping rope is one of the best ways to improve the muscle tone in your legs and lower body. May you feel some soreness in your legs after the first day of jumping rope as muscles have been working hard enough to cause micro tears.

Improves Cardiovascular Health
The skipping rope is popular for aerobic conditioning. Practising jumping rope for three to five times per week for 12 to 20 minutes at a time if you want to increase your heart and lung health.

Makes You Smarter
Believe it or not, but jumping rope makes you smarter. The jumping rope helps in the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain. The development of hemispheres enhance awareness, improves reading skills and increases memory.

Improves Your Ability to Stay Calm
Jumping rope also helps to stay calm as you are working your brain and your body at the same time.

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