Single-leg exercises for strong glute muscles

single leg exercises strong glute muscles

Single-leg exercises are quite effective for challenging lower body muscles. Single Leg exercises give stability to the strengthening of glute muscles and reduce the chances of injury. This exercise also helps in building physical balance with strengthening the glute muscles. To do these exercises, you might also have to take help of a dumbbell, which can increase its effectiveness. (Also read: What exercises one should practice initially for the strength of quads)

Let’s know about these single leg exercises.

Single leg squat

This exercise impacts the hamstrings on the back of the thighs and also on glute medius muscles. To do this exercise, first, stand on both feet. Now lifting your left leg forward, put all your body weight on the right foot. Then sit down on the right foot. Remember that during this time your back is straight. After doing this with the right leg, do the procedure with the left foot. Practice 10 reps with each leg for the better result.

Bulgarian split squat

This exercise puts a lot of pressure on glute muscles. To do this, raise the legs wide by the waist and place one foot behind on the bench. Now try to bring down the knee of the last leg as far as possible. Now lift the body upwards with the power of the forward leg. Do this procedure with another leg. Practice 10 reps for better results. (Also read:  Eliminate muscles stiffness caused by sitting job with simple stretching)

Step up with Dumbbell

This exercise strengthens quads, calf muscles and also glute muscles. To do this, place a bench on your front and grab the dumbbells in both hands. Now keeping the waist straight, keep the left leg on the bench and stand on the bench using the power of the same leg. Now come down from the bench while bringing down the left foot. Repeat this process with the other leg. Practice 3 sets of 10 reps with one foot in this exercise.

Non-Alternating Walking Lounge

Hold the dumbbell in both hands to perform this exercise. Now move your left foot forward and move the hips down. Now if the knee of the right leg touches the ground, then stand back and bring the right leg to the left foot. Now again lounge by bringing the left foot forward. Repeat 10 consecutive reps on this side and then repeat this process with the right foot.

Dumbbell courtesy lounge

This exercise improves the stability and balance of all your glutes muscles. To do this, place a step raiser in front of you and hold the dumbbell in both hands and stand on it. Now lounge your right foot behind the right foot. Keep in mind that your left knee is crossing the right heel. Similarly, with the other leg, and do 3 sets of 10 reps with one leg of this exercise. (Also read: How to make bigger and stronger muscles with the help of small workouts)

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