What Simple exercises can help you to get rid of hunch back

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simple exercise to get rid of hunch back

To keep the body healthy and attractive, it is very important to have a proper physical poster. But some people do not pay attention to their physical posture, then the poor posture of the body and keeping their back bend causes the hunch back. In fact, due to over-cleaning or tension in the spinal cord, the spinal cord starts to bend, due to which you face many difficulties while walking and sitting. It can be reduced with the help of a few simple exercises and the physical posture can be improved. (Also read: What are the rules for rest day after workout)

Let’s know about easy exercises that can solve the problem of hunching.

Chest Stretch

Stand up to the side of a wall corner and after that, place the right hand on the wall in front of the shoulder and turn left. When you feel the stretch in the chest, wait for 10 seconds in the same condition and then repeat this process with the other hand.

Crucifix Stretch:

Open the legs as much as the waist and stretch the hands equal to the shoulders. Now press the fingers in the side and keep the thumb upwards. Now move the wrist back so that the thumb can come downwards. When the waist and chest feel inclined, then come back straight. (Also read: Habits that halts the growth of your fitness level)


Lie down on the ground on the waist side and turn the knees down on the ground. Keep the hands near the hips, now place the hands on the floor and lift the hips upwards as much as possible. Stay in this position for a while and then bring the hips down.

Cobra Pose:

To do this exercise, lie down on the floor on the floor and put the palms under the shoulders. Now lift the head and chest upwards and try that the bottom part of your stomach will remain on the ground. After staying in this position for a while, straighten the body back.

Child Pose

To do this exercise, sit on your knees and then hip the hips on the ankles. Now spread the hands forward and place the chest on the floor. Stand upright after some time stopping at this stage. (Also read: What are the exercises you can perform in high rep circuit for muscular body)

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