Signs that indicate your core muscles are weak

sign indicates that your core muscles are weak

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The core muscles are very important among all the muscle groups of the body. This muscles group comprises of lower back, hips, glutes, trunk and stomach. These muscles play very important role in daily movements like lifting, twisting and bending. The everyday life requires constant use of the core muscles. Moreover, core muscle is a critical component of good fitness. Unfortunately, the people give more importance to the other parts of the body and not give the same importance to the core muscles. (Also read: Sit-up exercises to get ripped abs)

Ignorance of core muscles leads to the weak and inadequate core. Here we have mentioned below six signs of weak core muscles.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the major signs of weak core muscles. The pain occurred due to the muscles around the spine are weak. If you don’t have any serious back condition than any lower back pain is the result of lower weak core muscles.

Poor posture
Poor posture is a clear sign of the weak core muscles. These muscles make your abdomen and lower back help in the maintaining the pelvis spine. In return, it helps your upper back and shoulder in neutral position. The weakness in these muscles causes untidy posture. (Also read: Important exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the hips)

Weakness in arms and Legs
The weakness in arms and legs is also an indication of weakness in core muscles. If you are facing problem to utilize the strength of leg and arms it means your core muscles are weak. You can check it by throwing a ball or by landing a punch.

Trouble in holding plank position
The plank position also reveals about the health of your core muscles. If you are not able to hold the plank position for at least 50 or 60 seconds then your core muscles need help. (Also read: Signs that indicate your weightlifting routine is wrong)

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