Secret of Katrina Kaif’s fabulous abs

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secret of katrina kaifs fabulous abs

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Katrina Kaif is among the most beautiful women in Asia. She has made a different identity in Bollywood with her performance and with her slim fit figure, which is not so easy for everyone to achieve. Katrina Kaif always takes care of her fitness and figure. She also transforms her body completely as per the requirement of her role in the movies. Katrina Kaif has paid full attention to workouts and diets to build great abs, as well as she works out daily under the guidance of her gym trainer.

Let’s know how Katrina Kaif takes care of her fabulous abs:

Katrina Kaif practices Pilates to keep her body fit. Pilates strengthen her core muscles and makes the body flexible. The most striking thing of Pilates exercises is that it puts together many effects on many parts of your body.

Training pilates with master trainer @yasminkarachiwala and master trainer’s trainer @annktoran and meeeeee

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Crunch exercises are essential for the abs workout, as well as by adding variations in this exercise you also can increase its effectiveness. Moreover, crunches strengthen core muscles and also helps to build abs muscles. Crunch exercise also causes your abs muscles to emerge.

Working out with your picture on the wall … not at all narcissistic . #yrfrehearsalhall

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You also need to pay attention to the lower abs to build great abs. Because your abdominal muscles won’t be developed without strengthening this part. Squat exercise helps to strengthen your lower abs.

It is a good idea to work out every morning to build amazing abs. At this time you get oxygen from fresh air and the body burns more calories.

Morning workout ……

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To achieve the fitness goals or getting abs, you should do regular workouts. Katrina Kaif never misses her workout routine. If she can not find time in the day, then she works out at night.

Late night training session . .. loveuyas @yasminkarachiwala . If I’m in gym she’s in gym . #okgoodnight

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It is also necessary to have a good sleep with workouts for the development of fit body or any muscle. By getting better sleep, your muscles grow faster.

This is me in the morning …. #iwokeuplikethis …. (or maybe …)

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To create amazing abs like Katrina Kaif, complete care should be taken of workout coupled with a healthy diet. You should include low-calorie items in the diet.

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