Right Way to Exercise Wall Sit and Its Benefits

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Wall sit exercise affects your feet with quads, calf muscles, glutes and core muscles. You can also increase your ability to run by practising it. You can do this exercise at home or gym anywhere, you just need a wall to practice this exercise. Wall sit puts pressure on the lower body muscles. (Also read: What Are The Common Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Running Efforts)

Let’s know about the right way to practice wall sit exercise and its benefits

Right way to practice wall sit

To practice this exercise, stand up with a wall. Now open the feet equal to the waist and forward to the side, by which bringing the body down, make a 90-degree angle between your knees. Now bring the hips downwards, putting both hands behind the head. Keep the waist down from the body while bringing the body down. When your thighs are in parallel to the ground then move the body back up. Make 3 sets of 15 reps of this exercise.

Advantages of Exercising Wall Sit

Strengthens the muscles:

Wall sit is a very effective exercise to strengthen the foot muscles. It has a direct and profound impact on the muscles as it makes it stronger.

Increases the ability to run

The exercise affects the thigh muscles and makes them stronger. Because of this, you feel comfortable running and you can run with more speed. By which the heart rate is faster and burns more fats. (Also read: Four great exercises to get chiselled lower chest)

Increases flexibility

Wall Sit exercise increases the balance of your feet muscles due to which, you feel less pressure while sitting or working. When the stress on the muscles decreases, their flexibility increases.

Strengthens the calf muscles
right way exercise wall sit benefits
There is also pressure on your calf muscle while doing a wall sit exercise. It increases the strength of the whole leg and makes you feel comfortable in doing exercises like deadlift or leg press

Build abs

The core muscles are active while practising wall sitting exercise and have an impact on the abs muscles. Due to which the fat layer around the stomach decreases and the abs muscles are strengthened. (Also read: What are the things one should consider before consuming protein shake)

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