Six Reasons You Don’t Have A Six-Pack Yet

reasons you dont have a six pack yet

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Despite working out hard for abs, keeping track on diet but if you still fail to attain six pack abs. Don’t get frustrated and don’t give up may be your making some mistakes which creating problems for you to achieve a fitness goal. A visible six packs can be achieved by proper training and by making few lifestyle changes.

Here are few reasons that are holding you back to get a proper six pack abs:

Working too much core
This is the first mistake if you are spending long hours on crunches and situps. These exercises are really effective but need a variation on the training if you want those six pack abs. In this regard, you need to burn more fats.

High Body Fat Percentage
If the percentage of body fat is high then you will not get those six packs abs. The situps and crunches work to build muscles but do not burn fats. So, burn fats simultaneously to achieve your fitness targets at earliest.

Not Enough Cardio
If you are not practising cardio it may ruin your efforts to get six pack abs. Burning large amount of calories will help you to achieve your fitness goal. It is important if you have extra weight, you should focus on the cardio.

Forgetting about your lower back
This is also big mistake to ignore your lower back if you want six pack abs. It is important to strengthen your lower back muscle to balance the core strength.

Large Meals
If you consume large meals the huge amount of calories will enter in your system. And if you don’t burn those calories in stipulated time then your body will store them. Instead having three large meals, have more frequent meals but smaller and healthy.

Too Much Sugar
If you want six packs abs then consumption of excess may create problems. The sugar contains a large amount of energy and if you don’t burn it on time it will be stored as fat. In this regard avoid foods that are high in sugar.

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