Reasons you do not feel well even after 8 hours of sleep

not feeling well even 8 hours sleep

Even after 8 hours of good sleep at night, you feel tired and your body looks like you have worked for all day, then, of course, you will be thinking why this is happening. It is not important that your day will also be refreshing and comfortable after taking 8 hours of sleep at night. It is important to feel good when you get up in the morning to start the day well.

Let’s know why you are feeling bad even after full sleep.

You are sleeping in the wrong position
not feeling well even 8 hours sleep
If your waist is hurting and you are not feeling well then your sleeping position may be a reason behind it. If you sleep on one side then your body gets tired and your body does not feel good in the morning. It is better that you keep changing the position and sleep with a pillow between your legs.

Using the wrong pillow

If you are using large tickling cushions, it may look good but due to this, you may have pain in the waist and neck. If you are using high pillows while sleeping at night. Then your spinal cord can get stretch so that after getting up in the morning you feel tired instead of rest.

Consuming alcohol before sleep
not feeling well even 8 hours sleep
Consuming alcohol before bedtime, you certainly go into the dream world, but keep in mind that alcohol consumption affects your sleep. However, if you are drinking after a long time, it will not do so much harm, but if you are drilling a lot before sleeping every night, then you are playing with your health.

Grinding teeth while sleeping

If you are feeling headache in the morning, then maybe grinding your teeth while sleep at night. If this is the case, then massage your jaws and gums before sleeping with your hands or with hot clothes before sleeping. Apart from this, you can also consult with your dentist.

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