Reasons why you need to do one arm dumbbell row exercise

reasons why you need to do one arm dumbbell row exercise

The dumbbell row is the best exercise to build wide, thick and powerful back. This exercise helps you to develop thickness of all your entire back muscles including the upper, middle and lower. The exercise work in widening and thickening your back muscles at the same time. While practising this exercise make sure your supporting arm and knee firmly positioned on the bench to reduce pressure on your hip and lower leg joints. (Also read: Habits that halts the growth of your fitness level)

Moreover, this is a bent-over move due to which your core muscles get engage to provide support. You will gain major mass if you practice this exercise properly.

How to practice one arm dumbbell row

  • Place your knee on a flat weight bench, with the arm close to the bench supporting your body as you lean forward
  • Hold the dumbbell with your other hand
  • Pull the dumbbell near your abdomen
  • Once the elbow is brought up past the body and peak contraction is made, slowly reverse the movement back to the starting position
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitionsHere are 5 amazing benefits of the one-arm row:


The one dumbbell rows are a great exercise to get a stretch on your back. If your fitness goal is to build wider back, you need to have complete stretch at your back during workouts. (Also read: What are the exercises you can perform in high rep circuit for muscular body)

Unilateral Exercise

When you work one side of your body at a time is known as unilateral exercise. The one-arm dumbbell row is also unilateral exercise which helps to focus on one side of your back. Moreover, unilateral exercise also helps to settle muscle imbalances. If you have felt your one side is a weaker side, you can put extra focus on that part by doing extra reps.

Build A Thicker Back

The pulling movements are great to bring the width in the back while rowing movement can bring thickness, which makes your back look like a muscular. While practising the exercise, squeeze your back with each repetition at the top movement.

Hit The Back From Different Angles

The beauty of this exercise you can target muscles according to your choice as everyone has different needs. Some people may lack in the upper lats while other lacks in the middle back. While practising the exercise, keep your back straight at 80-75 degree angle, it will target your upper back and lats. The more you bend, the tension will shift to middle and lower back.


This exercise works on the multiple joints and muscle groups. The exercise has a limited range of motion. You can completely focus on your back without involving on any other muscles. (Also read: How many times you should workout in a week)

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