Protein powder: What are the side effects of protein powder

Protein powder also cause side effects

Protein powder: Consumption of powder can cause side effects

Protein powder is a dry powder made from milk, buttermilk, casein and soya. People consume protein powder to meet the requirement of protein. Majority of fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilder consume the powder for the development of muscles. It contains globular proteins that are made from the liquid material. These liquid materials are prepared from biodegradation of the product. These globular bodies cause more harm than benefit. However, it is mandatory to provide an adequate amount of adequate amount of protein to the body while following a workout routine. The body needs more protein when you practice workout. Despite the protein powder fulfil the body’s requirement of protein but also cause some side effects. (Also read: Which is the best protein powder for women)

Protein powder: Side effects caused by protein powder

  • Acne
  • Imbalanced nutrient composition
  • Imbalances intestinal microbiota
  • Contain toxic
  • Can increase insulin level
  1. Acne

    Acne can occur due to protein powder
    Protein powder: Consume of protein powder may cause acne.

    Protein powders contain many types of hormones and bioactive peptides. Which increase the sebum. The escalation of sebum cause acne problem on the skin. (Also read: Treat acne: How to treat acne with rose water)

  2. Imbalanced nutrient composition
    Nutritional imbalance in the body can occur by consuming protein powder. There is less chance of such problem if you consume natural protein foods such as eggs, milk and meat. Protein powder delivers more protein which is denser. Its consumption can lead to nutritional imbalance.
  3. Imbalances intestinal microbiota
    Whey milk is the source of some compounds such as lactoferrin. These compounds increase the risk of adult gut flora. This can lead to stomach upset and gas or indigestion problems.
  4. Contain toxic
    Cheap protein powder contains toxic. Which are harmful to the body. Taking these can cause headaches, fatigue, constipation and muscle pain. (Also read: Which Foods Turn Toxic When They Are Cooked)
  5. Can increase insulin level
    Sometimes protein powder can influence insulin level. Consuming protein powder after the workout, there is an increase in insulin, and this increase in regular insulin can be harmful.

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Consumption of protein powder may fulfil the body’s requirement but it also has side effects. To avoid the side effects, it’s better to focus on natural protein sources.

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