Practice these stretch exercises after running

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practice these stretch exercise after running

Morning walk and running are very beneficial for health. This not only improves fitness but also helps you to lose weight. But people often forget to relax after stretching or stretch the muscles after running. Stretching helps your muscles to relax. If you do not stretch after running, the chances of your injury are greatly increased. Therefore, it is necessary to do the stretching after running. (Also read: Important things you must do after workout for better muscle growth)

 Let’s know about some stretch that you should do after running:

Number 4 stretch

Running affects your hips muscles, causing stress in these muscles and pain begins. In this case, number 4 stretch can prove to be beneficial for you. By doing this, your hips muscles get relief. To practice this, you can stand or lie down with the help of a wall. To do this, first lie down on the ground. Now fold both the knees, then put one foot in the cross position on the other knee. Keep in mind that the first leg remained in the same state as it was. After doing this for a while, repeat this procedure with the other leg.

Calf Stretch

By doing this stretch your calf muscles get relief. This stretch can be used to help the wall. To do this exercise, place your hands in the position to push the wall. Put one foot forward and put another leg behind it. Now fold the knee of the forward leg and push the wall, keep in mind that at this time your last foot is straight. Stay in this position for 15 seconds and repeat the same process with the other leg. (Also read: Why Fartlek training is beneficial for runners)

Chest and Shoulder Opener Stretch

By doing this stretch, your shoulder and chest strain and this part get relief. You can do this stretch with the help of any wall at home.To do this stretch, stand in one corner of the wall. Now put elbow of both hands on both the walls. Keep in mind that your elbows are straightforward. Now move towards the wall towards the front. This will stretch your shoulder muscles. (Also read: High-intensity interval training to boost metabolism)

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