Practice exercises at home with the help of dumbbells for strong body

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practice exercises home help dumbbells strong body

Dumbbells are the most used and most important equipment in the gym. With the help of Dumbbells, you can do many types of exercises in the gym. If you have set of dumbbells at home, you can practice various exercise in absence of trainer to stay fit. Let’s tell you about some of the exercises that you can easily practice at home. You can easily do these exercises at home with the help of only 5 kg of dumbbells.

Overhead Squat:

For this exercise, you only need a dumbbell. This exercise will increase the flexibility of your body and also strengthen your foot.

To practice this exercise, first of all, you need to stand width apart while separating your legs. Grab the dumbbell in your hands and lifting it over your head. Following this, tilt your clans to come in the position of the squat. As soon as your hips are parallel to the ground stop. Take a short pause and return the start position. For better results for few times.

Crab Too Touch:

You can do this exercise easily with the help of a dumbbell. It can also be done without dumbbells but the dumbbell makes it more effective. This exercise enhances the balance of your body.

To practice this exercise, lie down with a dumbbell in the left hand. Now lift the dumbbell over a shoulder. After this, turn your left foot at 90 degrees. Now try to touch the dumbbell holding in the left hand from the claw of your right foot. After this, come back to the start position. Also, repeat this process with the right hand.

Turkish Getup:

This exercise also enhances your body’s strength and works on core muscles. It also helps to strengthen the shoulders. You practice this exercise with the help of a dumbbell or a kettlebell.

To practice this exercise, lie first on the ground. Turn your right foot around. Now holding the dumbbell in right hand, lift it upright in the shoulder. Turn your left side towards the left. Your hand should be straight forward. Return to the same position again. And repeat this process with the other hand.

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