Post-workout recovery: Whats are different ways to recover after workout

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Post-workout recovery process

Post-workout recovery: Best ways to recover after workout.

Everyone works hard to get the fit body as everyone is concerned about their health nowadays. To get fit and healthy body people practice various exercises and follow the diet plan. They take every possible measure to achieve fitness goals at the earliest. Diet and exercise play an important role in attaining fitness results but the post-workout recovery is equally important. Many people do not set aside adequate time to the body for the recovery process. The post-workout recovery allows the body to replenish energy and repair damaged tissues. If you are not achieving your fitness goals maybe be you are not giving adequate recovery time to the body. They are many different ways to recover after intense the workout. (Also read: Protein shake: When to consume protein shakes- before or after the workout)

Let’s know about different ways to recover after workout

  • Embrace Carbs
  • Take BCAAs
  • Foam Roll
  • Ice Baths
  • Micro Naps
  1. Embrace Carbs
    The body triggers anabolic response after the workout is responsible for muscle growth. In this regard, proper post-workout nutrition escalates muscle recovery and muscle growth. It is beneficial to consume the meal with 20-30 per cent carbohydrate. (Also read: What are the best low carbs diet plan to reduce weight)
  2. Micro Naps

    Best ways to recover after workout
    Post-workout recovery: Micro naps helps to recover muscles

    Apart from adequate sleep in the night, the 15-20 minutes naps escalates the post-workout recovery. The micro naps are good for your heart, blood pressure, stress levels and even weight management. (Also read: How power nap affects your body)

  3. Take BCAAs
    The proper recovery does not just happen post workout. You need to take care before and after routine as well. The consumption of BCCAs between meals will help your muscles to recover fast. Five grams of BCCA between the meals ensure protein synthesis is spiked throughout the day. (Also read: What are the advantage and disadvantage of BCAA supplement )
  4. Foam Roll
    Foam rolling is very helpful in the post-workout recovery process. You practice foam rolling before and after the workout. The foam rolling before workout help you limber up and improve muscle function while after the workout helps flushes out toxins and lactic acid from a muscle. (Also read: Easy exercises with a foam roller to lose weight and stay fit)
  5. Ice Baths
    The ice baths escalate the post-workout recovery process. The ice baths bring down the inflammation and escalate recovery process.

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Post-workout recovery plays important role in achieving fitness goals. It is very important to make the post-workout recovery more effective. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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