Try these 10 minutes fun exercises to stay fit

Try these 10 minutes fun exercises to stay fit

The best bet is to make maximum advantages from things you have already been doing. Walking more often, taking the stairs, standing up every now and then to move around are some such things which don’t even require any strain.

Cardio Kickboxing: An ideal way of working out

Cardio Kickboxing: An ideal way of working out

Cardio kickboxing can burn between 350 to 450 calories per hour which make a positive impact on your heart. Even the punches used during this exercise are a mixture of jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts.

Amazing Tips To Boost The Energy Level

Amazing Tips To Boost The Energy Level

We all take a lot of physical stress to cope with the lifestyle changes hence, our energy gets drained out. So, to boost the falling energy level there are some amazing tips which everyone must follow.

What is the Best Time to Exercise

What is the Best Time to Exercise

If you are struggling to find the best time for exercise, we are here to tell you the suitable time to workout. The time for exercise is dependent on your body type. You must understand your body before opting for any workout.

Best and the cheapest healthy food products to gain weight

Does Eating Fats Before Workout is Necessary

There is always a confusion of what to eat and what not to eat before the workout. Though the snacking habit has to be followed, you cannot miss out nutrients too. Eating healthy fats is necessary for a good workout.

Cool Down Morning Exercises by Sunny Leone

Cool Down Morning Exercises By Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone’s morning cool down exercises will give you a major fitness goal which you would love to adapt. To make your morning workout super exciting follow this video of Sunny Leone where she has shared her ‘Cool Down’ Yoga style.