Advantages of lifting lighter weight

Advantages of lifting lighter weight

It is believed that lifting light weights for a high number of reps targets slow-twitch muscle fibres which offer endurance and lifting heavy weight targets your fast-twitch muscle fibres which have the greatest potential for growth.

Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrist

Best Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrist

The strong wrist is a very helpful asset for manual work, sports that involve throwing. So, some simple exercises can help to prevent weakness of your wrist and can make fingers flexible.

ten cheap muscle building foods besides chicken

Ten cheap muscle-building foods besides chicken

An individual need at least 1 gram protein per pound of body -weight while gaining weight. Besides chicken, there are many foods which contain sufficient amount of protein and which are very helpful to gain muscles.

things you must avoid after a workout

Things you must avoid after a workout

Adopting good habits post gym is very important to reap the best result from the workout likewise eating the right kind protein and carbohydrate-rich foods are necessary rather than foods that will wipe out all your hard work.

Two minutes workout to stay fit

Two minutes workout to stay fit

Early morning is a great time to exercise as it doesn’t make you late for the rest of your day. We all know that exercise is very important for a healthy and happy life. People search for those exercises which easy to perform in less time.